Karl Keller, Managing Director of Handtmann Mochinenfabrik GmbH, recently announced the opening of Handtmann Mexico and the appointment of Mr. Aldo Ramos as Managing Director.

Handtmann Mexico, the Handtmann Machinenfabrik subsidiary responsible for factory-direct sales and service in Mexico, represents a significant corporate investment and important expansion of Handtmann’s global organization.

According to Keller, Handtmann Mexico reflects the company’s goal to better understand customer needs and grow with the local food processing industries it serves throughout the world. In Mexico, this expansion now provides customers with direct access to Handtmann equipment and to the factory training and support that is available in Germany and throughout North America.

The need of Handtmann customers for more technical support, more personal service and more direct access to Handtmann resources, Keller notes, makes the appointment of Aldo Ramos as Managing Director of Handtmann Mexico the right one. He is knowledgeable, energetic, and most importantly, reflects Handtmann’s deepest held family and business values making him the right leader as Handtmann grows in Mexico and works to continuously improve service to customers.

According to Ramos, the continuation of Handtmann’s strong growth in Mexico will be determined by “our ability to continue meeting customer needs simply, efficiently, and with the best solutions. I look forward to working with our Handtmann Mexico team to deliver the newest technologies with the personal attention to optimize performance and help processors and bakers meet their changing market dynamics and production pressures more profitably.”

In his announcement Keller also thanked the Autrique family and their team at Grupo Emex for their fine work representing Handtmann for 25 years. He said their support of Handtmann equipment and dedication to Handtmann customers has always reflected the highest company values that are so important to Handtmann’s growth in Mexico and around the world.