Ossid, powered by Pro Mach, introduces the OTS-10, a new table top tray sealer. The OTS-10 is designed to meet the production requirements of small to medium sized processors. The OTS-10 tray sealer is also ideal for larger processers involved in test marketing products and/or for laboratory production of sample packaging. The OTS-10 is the first in a new series of Ossid tray sealers.

The OTS-10 machine operates at up to 17 trays per minute and includes options for ambient, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin pack (VSP) applications. The OTS-10 tray sealer is simple to operate and can be purchased with either a manual or semi-automatic drawer feed. Interchangeable tooling delivers fast changeover between tray sizes. These units feature rugged stainless steel construction for long service life.

During the past two years, Ossid product development has focused on robust, versatile solutions for tray packaging in all potential formats: lid seal, stretch overwrapper, leak resistant overwrapper, and leak proof overwrapper.

For more information on the new OTS-10 and the company’s extensive offering in tray packaging equipment, call the Ossid sales department at 1-800-334-8369 and visit www.Ossid.com.