For the third year in a row, Hormel has presented Avure with its Spirit of Excellence Award, which recognizes the company’s partners who “go above and beyond” to help it achieve its goals.

“We are an innovative company, and we look to partners like Avure to help us achieve that innovation,” said Chad Soukup, Supervising Staff Engineer at Hormel. “Avure is a company that listens to their customers and continues to look for new ways to serve them. The introduction of the expandable AV-X HPP machine is an example of that commitment to their customers.”

Criteria for the Spirit of Excellence Award include meeting performance requirements, making on-time deliveries and providing high-level customer support. Only about 2% of Hormel’s vendors receive the award.

“We’re honored to receive this award which emphasizes our commitment to being more than just an equipment supplier to our customers,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure. “We believe we don’t just build HPP machines, but we forge partnerships that help our customers succeed.”

Hormel uses Avure’s high pressure processing machines to treat many of their all-natural foods like deli-meat, bacon and guacamole.

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