In addition to its well-known RevoPortioner family, Marel has introduced the new developed V-Pump at IFFA 2016. This V-shaped piston pump produces, together with the RevoPortioner 700, up to 5,000 kg. high quality red meat convenience products per hour. The new pump is awarded with the “best innovation in food processing technology” and is proving its success daily to various customers that deliver products to demanding global QRS companies.

Core of the new technology are two alternating belt-wide pistons, delivering a uniform pressure to the forming unit, moving the meat mass over a small distance with a minimum of pressure. This retains the original meat structure and texture as much as possible, an important factor for a good bite and attractive mouth feel.

From meat to burger in 30 CM

Traditional pumping of meat with an auger, via piping and/or using vacuum and higher pressures, leads to more shear and friction, more ‘damage’ to the natural meat structure. In the V-Pump meat mass is gathered by gravity only, right on top of the highly regarded Marel RevoPortioner. The distance it travels under pressure into the smoothly rotating drum of the RevoPortioner is very short: only 30 centimeters.

“The meat passageway is completely auger-free. The width of the piston is as wide as the forming drum. Meat does not have to be spread horizontally in a manifold and vacuum is not needed. Friction and shear are avoided. The pressure applied is low: All these features help retain the original meat structure.”

No waste

A production process including the V-Pump and RevoPortioner is very stable, clean and consistent. There is virtually no loss of raw product (less than 0,3%), no downgrades and no rework. All valuable raw materials are used. Reducing waste is attractive not just from a financial point of view; it also makes the best use of scarce natural resources.


Henri Janssen, Director Sales and Marketing for Further Processing, says: “At IFFA 2013 we received this Innovation award for our Modular Oven System. Now we receive it for our V-Pump. To us this is a proof that we made the right choice to focus on developing true innovative solutions. We are convinced that this new V-pump will also be very successful.”

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