University of Arkansas recently released a study validating SaniDate 5.0 as an effective antimicrobial and line cleaner for use in poultry water systems. Mineral build-up and bacterial biofilms are common in poultry water systems. They result in reduced flow rates and weakened bird performance. Biofilms can also harbor pathogens creating risk of disease throughout entire flocks.

The study conducted by Dr. Susan Watkins and Dr. Geetha Sanal Kumar Phillips determined the effectiveness of SaniDate 5.0 using different concentrations and varied levels of microbe population as a line sanitizer and as a drinking water sanitizer when birds are present.

As a line sanitizer SaniDate 5.0 proved effective for reducing aerobic plate counts, yeast and mold levels at test dilution rates of 1:50 or 1:128 and was comparable to CID 2000. As a drinking water inclusion all test dilution rates (1:2,900 - 1:15,059) had a significant impact on aerobic bacteria levels.

SaniDate 5.0 is EPA registered and manufactured in the United States. When used as directed SaniDate 5.0 will keep water lines clean, control pathogens in drinking water and maintain pH levels.

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