In a blind taste testing conducted by Cooking Light Magazine, Georgia-based poultry brand, Springer Mountain Farms, was named “Best Tasting Bird” out of the top twelve chicken brands currently on the market.

Out in the July issue, the study was conducted on boneless, skinless chicken breasts, as this is the cut that Cooking Light readers most often purchase. To eliminate labeling biases, each taste tester was blindfolded, ratings were based on a scale of 1 to 5 and all chicken was poached to 160 degrees for consistency. The test aimed to better inform today’s consumer facing crowded supermarkets filled with a multitude of confusing product claims ranging from organic to free range to pasture raised. Springer Mountain Farms was named the superior tasting brand, with a score of 3.4 and attributes listed such as "good mellow flavor, meaty yet tender, slices well."

Based in Mount Airy, Georgia, Springer Mountain Farms is a family-owned poultry producer that raises 100% antibiotic, steroid and hormone free chickens on family-owned farms. The brand is dedicated to providing their chickens with a quality life and diet, resulting in healthier, more delicious poultry for families around the country to enjoy. “For nearly 20 years, Springer Mountain Farms birds have been raised without antibiotics in a reduced stress home. It’s gratifying to receive recognition for doing the best we can to raise these birds the right way,” says Springer Mountain Farms president, Gus Arrendale. “We have known for a long time that this also results in better taste."

Source: Springer Mountain Farms