South Korea has agreed to reopen its market to U.S. fresh and frozen poultry, so any U.S. poultry processed after June 1 is eligible to be exported, reports Feedstuffs.

The ban was originally put in place following an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in 2015. The ban was originally lifted in November 2015 but was reinstated following an appearance of HPAI at an Indiana farm in January 2016.

“Following extensive engagement with USDA’s technical experts, the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has announced that U.S. poultry producers can again export to customers in South Korea,” said secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack said. “By persuading other trading partners to enforce regionalized bans that affect only those areas where HPAI was detected, and to rely on internationally accepted science-based standards for trade, USDA has helped preserve billions in U.S. poultry exports.”

Source: Feedstuffs