Bunting Magnetics Co., the leader in moving, removing and holding metal is showing its popular line of metal detectors at Pack Expo 2016.

The Bunting line includes the popular meTRON 07 CI Metal Detector—a tunnel style machine that detects metals in conveyors, making them ideal for inspection anywhere in the process, especially in final packaging. Custom versions are available using various conveyor belt arrangements, as well as a variety of gravity free-fall and in-line detectors.

“Our line of metal detectors are ideal for any food environment that demand high levels of protection against metal contaminants,” commented Andrew Blubaugh, Product Manager, Metal Detection, “Tunnel-style, gravity-style or in-line detection is available so product purity is ensured throughout the entire process – first flow to final package. And when you combine our detectors with our innovative magnetic separation products, product purity and brand protection are maximized which is especially important as customers are becoming increasingly concerned with product safety.”

The machines come equipped with color touch screen displays and USB interfaces for data exchange of backup information, updates, and quality control logs. Dual entry user access is standard, for additional security. The detection software automatically learns product attributes and stores as many as 1000 unique products. The exclusive Bunting imagePHASE feature delivers improved sensitivity. The Bunting multimode feature accommodates a wider range of products through the detector. Bunting autoTEST continually and automatically self-tests the unit and alerts operators to any malfunction. Remote monitoring, Ethernet control, and integration into other processing equipment are available.

For more information, visit buntingmagnetics.com.