Hormel Foods Corp. announced it was ranked the No. 1 company on the Selling Power magazine 2016 list of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For.

Each year, the corporate research team at Selling Power magazine assembles and publishes its list of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For. This year is the 17th consecutive year the list has appeared in the magazine.

“We are honored to be ranked No. 1 by Selling Power magazine,” said Deanna T. Brady, group vice president, president of consumer products sales at Hormel Foods. “We continue to challenge ourselves to provide our sales team with the compensation, training and resources they need to create solutions for our customers.”

To determine the rankings, companies were evaluated in the following areas: compensation packages for salespeople; sales culture; onboarding and sales-enablement strategies; training and coaching processes; and annual turnover percentage.

"Creating an environment and culture that enables our talented sales team to create long-term careers within our company has long been a priority at Hormel Foods,” said Larry C. Lyons, senior vice president of human resources at Hormel Foods. “We are very proud to receive this recognition of the tremendous work on this initiative by our sales and human resource teams."

The list includes companies of all sizes, with sales forces ranging from fewer than 100 salespeople to companies with sales-force numbers in the thousands.

"Our culture of accountability is certainly a key element to the success we have had,” said Mark J. Ourada, vice president of foodservice sales at Hormel Foods. “We take pride in not only our onboarding and training of new hires, but also the continuous coaching and development of our team for future leadership positions within the company.”

Selling Power magazine founder and publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner says the companies on the list support excellence in sales in the following ways: they support salespeople via coaching, training and offering sales enablement solutions; they keep salespeople motivated and they create an active selling culture.

To view the complete list, visit http://www.sellingpower.com/2016/50-best-companies-to-sell-for/.

Source: Hormel Foods