Broaster Company is bringing the heat to the 2016 NACS show in Atlanta, GA. The company has announced the launch of Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy. The new menu item features a one-of-a-kind flavor profile that will entice heat-seekers with its bold and spicy tastes.  

A craveable game-changer, Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy is everything consumers know and love about Genuine Broaster Chicken, boasting tender, juicy and delicious flavor all the way to the bone, but with an added spicy kick.  Chickite Spicy Marinade infuses the flavors of the Hatch Chili Pepper, Habanero Pepper and Chipotle Chili deep into each piece. Slo-Bro Spicy Coating adds the heat of the Hatch Chili Pepper and the Habanero Pepper with a special blend of other seasonings to elicit just the right amount of heat with every bite. 

“As spicy flavor profiles continue to grow in popularity, we knew adding our own bold tweak to our Genuine Broaster Chicken would thrill the taste buds of consumers seeking that extra kick,” said Jay Cipra, President of Broaster Company.  “We’re excited to offer our operators an on-trend menu addition that is sure to satisfy their adventure-seeking guests.”  

Broaster Company also offers a line of delicious dipping sauces, including an upgraded ranch sauce, to pair perfectly with the new Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy.  

Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy will be showcased and available for sampling at the 2016 NACS show at Broaster Company’s booth No. 5907.
For over 60 years, Broaster Company has offered its license branded program to strengthen operators’ businesses and build their profits. The program does not require development fees, royalty payments or franchise fees, and provides all the food, equipment, national branding and marketing materials needed to help the Foodservice Operator be successful in offering world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken and delicious Broaster Express grab-and-go foods.
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