Multi-Conveyor recently built an incredibly long conveyor system that's sole purpose is to remove heavy sacks of a dry goods product from the inside of a semi-trailer to internal storage.

This mild steel constructed system consists of one 10' long extending conveyor section and two non-extending sections stacked over one another totaling 94 feet in length when fully extended and 45' in length when retracted.

An attached overhead articulated crane with an air driven chain hoist is mounted overhead as a bag picking device that picks up to 180 lbs. of  bagged of product while the operator guides the load onto the system.

The first non-extending conveyor has wheels mounted perpendicular to the extension travel to minimize movement and holds the chain extension drive that is connected to the second conveyor.

The second conveyor chain extension drive is stacked over the first, is articulated to adjust for vertical misalignment, and is moved automatically by the chain extension drive.

Manual controls extend and retract the 10 foot protruding conveyor which locks into place when fully extended.  Horizontal side wheels were also install to help guide the 10' protruding conveyor during  extension and retracting.

Other features incorporated into the system include guide ramps, fork lift pockets, stabilizers to for added control and weight support, additional e-stops with guards for safety, manual air valves to control the hoist and pick-up pins, a pushbutton station to extend and retract the conveyor at a touch of a button.

The equipment was fully assembled and tested at Multi-Conveyors facility prior to shipment to ensure we met the 30 fpm @ 60 Hertz speed requirement based on a product load of 75 lbs. per lineal foot of conveyor.

It's not every day you see a conveyor of this magnitude. This is just one of many extraordinary projects that we are privileged to build here at Multi-Conveyor.   No matter how big or how small, we're standing to help you.
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