Wenzel's Farm, a leading producer of small batch, hand crafted and naturally hickory smoked meat snacks has announced that it has discontinued the use of any artificially colored casings for its snack sticks and is now shipping all sticks in clear casings.

In a continual quest to provide the best tasting, authentic and naturally produced premium snack sticks, Wenzel's Farms has converted its small batch productions to clear casings, eliminating any artificial colors.  While the casings may have changed in an effort to eliminate the needless use of artificial colors, the great taste, family recipes, quality ingredients, and craftsmanship has remained the same. 

"Our meat crafters take great pride in their work and their craft, and there is no reason to hide that quality craftsmanship behind an artificially colored casing," stated Wenzel's Farm president Mark Vieth. "The rich colors of our snacks come naturally from our authentic hickory smoking process."

Source: Wezel’s Farms