The ACCU-CHILL automated box chilling system from Linde LLC can quickly chill meat, poultry, seafood and other perishable foods directly in their packing boxes with carbon dioxide snow. The automated system is the ideal upgrade for operations that manually pack boxes with carbon dioxide dry ice pellets, where over- or under-filling creates temperature inconsistencies.

Designed and built to meet USDA requirements, the instant, on-demand system chills with high process repeatability from box to box. As each packing box is conveyed into the enclosed chilling zone, a sensor is activated and a precise amount of carbon dioxide snow is automatically dispensed on or around the product.

Because carbon dioxide snow is generated only on-demand and exactly where needed, the ACCU-CHILL box chilling system is highly efficient and eliminates the time, labor and costs associated with storing and handling carbon dioxide dry ice pellets. The chilling zone is also designed with an exhaust hood to prevent elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide in the workplace.

The new chilling system handles boxes up to about 24 inches wide, and with its small footprint can fit most automated packing lines.

Precision Box Chilling

The Linde food team matches the automated system to the food product and the plant production process. For example, Linde recently helped one leading poultry producer upgrade multiple manual packing lines. The automated system eliminates the challenge of utilizing dry ice pellets and provides consistent box chilling for various fresh poultry products in up to 40 lb. boxes for shipment to fast food restaurants.

Quickly lowering product temperature is a key requirement in pack-off operations, but highly consistent production chilling is more difficult when manually loading carbon dioxide pellets into boxes. Scooping too much or too little can create uneven product temperatures. In addition, handling can pose safety issues including motion injuries or hazardous conditions from the sublimation to carbon dioxide gas.

The Linde food team performs in-plant assessments, conducts trial production runs at the Linde Technology Center, and works with processors to develop optimal process solutions. For more information, visit Linde (, or call 800-755-9277. 

Linde LLC supports the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the advancement of food safety. Linde has a Food Safety Management System in place for all bulk carbon dioxide plants and air separation facilities supplying the food & beverage industry in North America. In June 2012, Linde became the first supplier to certify all of its carbon dioxide plants to a benchmarked GFSI scheme, FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification).