We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Anderson-Negele’s new L3 Pressure and Level Sensor. The L3 incorporates everything the Anderson-Negele team has learned about pressure and pressure based level monitoring over the last 32 years. This launch represents the latest innovation from our team of engineers. In addition to the rugged design you have come to know Anderson-Negele for, we have also added the following:

  • A new temperature compensation strategy which optimizes performances in hot and highly dynamic systems. This new feature results in fewer errors in brewing, fluid food, and hot fill applications.
  • An easy to use graphical display interface which reduces reliance on a manual during start-up and commissioning.
  • The ability to use the same platform for line pressure or hydrostatic level applications. This reduces stocking needs for our customers and eliminates the need to learn multiple platforms
  • A modular design which allows repair and reconfiguration on the customers site which includes the ability to add a remote cable to the assembly. This considerably reduces cost of ownership.

Please visit  Anderson-Negele.com to learn more about all the new features and innovations which have been added to this exciting new product.