Gourmet sausage maker Flocchini Family Provisions has released a new line of Certified Angus Beef brand handcrafted franks and sausages.

Flocchini Certified Angus Beef franks and sausages are made with Certified Angus Beef brisket and tri-tip whole muscle cuts. The new products expand the brand’s offering of high-quality sausages and deli meats made using traditional recipes and simple ingredients.

A family-owned company, Flocchini Family Provisions has been a leader in the meat industry for three generations. The brand prides itself on quality and simplicity, creating clean and flavorful products inspired by the family’s Italian heritage and roots in San Francisco. Sausages are crafted in small batches and are nitrate-free and phosphate-free, with no added gluten or MSG.

The Flocchini Certified Angus Beef brand line of franks and sausages includes the following raw and cooked products:

  • Certified Angus Beef Smoked Brisket Sausage
  • Certified Angus Beef Smoked Brisket Frank
  • Certified Angus Beef Smoked BBQ Tri-Tip Sausage
  • Certified Angus Beef Corned Beef Sausage
  • Certified Angus Beef Hot Link

“Certified Angus Beef® has a sterling reputation that closely aligns with our own commitment to a high standard of quality with clean, unbeatable flavor,” said Chris Flocchini, CEO of Sierra Meat and Seafood. “The release of this new line showcases what both of our brands do best.”

Flocchini Certified Angus Beef brand sausages will soon be available in retailers across the country. The product release follows a 30-year collaboration between Certified Angus Beef LLC and Flocchini Family Provisions’ sister company, Sierra Meat and Seafood. Sierra Meat and Seafood was named the Specialty Meat Company Marketer of the Year by Certified Angus Beef in August 2016.

For more information, visit flocchinisausage.com.