Darling Ingredients has joined 35 other companies and institutions as a Sustaining Partner of the American Meat Science Association (AMSA). For more than 50 years, the AMSA has relied on support from partners to maintain its ability to provide community and professional development programs and opportunities for individuals in the field of meat science.  AMSA’s Sustaining Partner program recognizes the organizations and institutions that provide significant financial and logistical contributions for the products and services offered by the organization.

“Darling has been all about sustainability and waste minimization since its inception in the late 1800’s. Their expertise will provide learning opportunities for meat scientists and their participation in AMSA will increase collaboration within the scientific community on sustainability and waste issues. I look forward to Darling’s participation as an AMSA Sustaining Partner,” states Thomas Powell, AMSA Executive Director.

Darling Ingredients has been providing sustainable solutions to the inedible by-products generated by the meat industry for over 135 years.  On average, only about 60% of a cow, pig or hog are consumed in western cultures. By collecting the roughly 40% that is considered inedible, and processing it into useable fats, oils, proteins, meals and tallows, Darling Ingredients offers a second life to what would normally be the end of nature’s life cycle.  By providing safe, environmentally friendly, quality-controlled operations, they not only repurpose these materials, but their processes prevent harmful pathogens and greenhouse gases from entering our planet’s air, soil, and groundwater, which could happen if these materials were disposed of via landfills, composting or incineration. 

“Food waste is an issue for many consumers in the US, but it is not an issue for the meat industry or other food industries that Darling Ingredients serves. When animals are harvested for meat, a significant portion of the animal is not consumed as human food in western cultures.  Darling collects these meat co-products and other food residuals, then processes them to add value and make the best ‘new’ use of these bio-nutrients. A wide variety of industries rely on the food (for both humans and animals), fuel and pharmaceutical ingredients that Darling makes from these meat and food co-products. Without Darling and the sustainable solutions we create, we would need to produce alternative products to meet the world’s food, feed and fuel requirements from new or virgin crops and materials at greater financial and environmental costs,” states C. Ross Hamilton, Ph.D., Vice President of Government Affairs, Biosecurity and Related Technology for Darling Ingredients Inc.

Darling Ingredients operational processes, in essence, position them as a gatekeeper to animal as well as human food safety, and as an innovator in the development of sustainable solutions for our world’s food, feed and fuel needs.

The Sustaining Partnership program enables these companies and institutions to acknowledge and further align under a common goal to foster the principles of meat science and technology. Our Sustaining Partners have enhanced AMSA programs such as student development, scientific information outreach and building the global network of meat science professionals. The program includes five levels of partnership – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Source: AMSA