When eating away from home, consumers seem to know what to expect from restaurants, with food & beverage quality a universal driver of channel selection.

Over half of consumers, 59% for QSR and 71% for Fast Casual, were "VERY SATISFIED" with the quality of their meal/snack on their most recent visit to a restaurant.  But what causes a consumer to be "very satisfied" with meal quality?

Seven Key Factors Driving Consumers' Perceptions of Meal Quality

  1. Meal/snack was delicious
  2. Meal/snack tasted fresh
  3. Meal/snack looked appetizing
  4. Overall quality of ingredients
  5. Food cooked to order
  6. Ability to customize my order
  7. Hot items were hot and cold items were cold

The first two factors show that satisfaction with quality is primarily driven by the taste of food.

Restaurant Meal Quality QSR vs. Fast Casual Infographic

SOURCE: Food Service Experience 2016 report
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