Sausage gravy has always been the loyal companion to breakfast biscuits, and now Tyson Convenience is ready to carry on that tradition and break bold new ground with its Jimmy Dean Sausage Gravy.

Aside from completing the classic breakfast duo of biscuits and gravy, Jimmy Dean Sausage Gravy can do so much more. Culinary adventurers or retailers may find that Jimmy Dean Sausage Gravy makes for a savory topping on a breakfast pizza. This signature blend of hearty sausage and creamy gravy makes pizza an ideal and convenient meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Jimmy Dean Sausage Gravy (3 lbs. pouches)

  • Premium sausage gravy made with Jimmy Dean sausage and seasoning
  • Pouches provide fresher product and reduced waste versus competition
  • Hand and serve delivers greater speed to service, batch consistency and labor savings versus scratch prepared/ dry mixes

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