Madison Chemical introduces ProClean CIP WASH, a chlorinated, alkaline, C.I.P. cleaner for food, beverage and dairy plants, as well as tanker trucks and fleets. A high percentage of available chlorine in a heavy-duty, high-sequestered formulation ensures maximum performance. This proven formulation is non-foaming, even at high concentration and high circulation velocities, is free-rinsing in hard or soft water, and cleaned surfaces are spotless when dry. It breaks down organic soils and residues found in the food and beverage industries, including dairies. ProClean CIP WASH is suitable for use with all types of CIP cleaning equipment, and is ideal for all types of food and beverage processing, dairy facilities, tankers and fleets and more.

As an NSF registered product, ProClean CIP WASH is acceptable for use as a general cleaner (A1) on all surfaces in and around food processing areas, where it is not intended for direct food contact. A potable water rinse of cleaned surfaces is required after use of this product. When used according to manufacturer’s instructions, no residue or odor is noticeable after use. Product is generally used at temperatures between 130°F and 170°F, with exact dilutions and temperatures dependent on specific application requirements.

Madison Chemical is a chemical formulator which provides; cleaning, sanitation, maintenance, and surface preparation products for the craft brewery, pulp and paper, metalworking, food processing, industrial maintenance, transportation, wastewater treatment, winery and other industries. Since 1947 they have served customers worldwide from their Madison, IN headquarters and through a nationwide network of Direct Technical Sales Representatives. For additional information visit, write to them at Madison Chemical Co., Inc., 3141 Clifty Drive, Madison, IN, 47250 , call (812) 273-6000, or email