A global leader in the manufacture of highly-accurate inspection and detection equipment, Anritsu Infivis offers the industry’s most technologically advanced systems for food and beverage manufacturers. 

“Our X-Ray and detection systems allow food companies to ensure their brand integrity in a fast-paced, evolving market,” said Michael Ahern, Eastern district sales manager. “Food quality and above all, food safety standards should never be compromised. Anritsu advanced detection equipment helps companies adhere to stringent guidelines for food quality and safety in terms of contaminant detection, while maintaining line and production speeds for a maximum return on investment.”

Visitors to Process Expo, Booth 1819 can view the new XR75 Series of X-Ray equipment, Anritsu M6-h Series Metal Detector and M6 Combination Checkweigher. 

Complete Line of High Performing X-Ray Technology for Food Processing 

Anritsu offers a variety of X-Ray solutions for food processing manufacturers from bulk to packaged to pipeline, as well as dual energy inspection systems. The XR75 Performance Series of X-Ray equipment provides unmatched performance, reliability and accurate inspection with low cost of ownership.  Pioneering technology increases major component lifetime by 300 percent and reduces power consumption by 30 percent. At the show, Anritsu will demonstrate the new XR75 Bulk X-Ray for unpackaged fresh food. During this type of inspection, x-ray protection curtains are not used. 

M6-h Series Precision Engineered for Reliability

Dual Wave Metal Detection Systems deliver superior detection on production lines under challenging conditions, including product variations and environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes or high humidity. The Anritsu M6 metal detection system offers an unrivaled level of detection sensitivity and stability, due to our unique dual-wave detection technology. The M6-h is the next evolution of the industry’s first simultaneous two-frequency detection system.

M6 Combination- SSV Series Checkweighers and New M6 metal detector

Integrated SSV Checkweighers and new M6 Dual Wave Metal detectors assure accurate weighing and metal detection, plus product safety compliance. The combo systems provide the best performance and foot print combination in the industry, available in several different formats including washdown, high accuracy and economy, to suit all different production environments. For more information about these products and all Anritsu detection and inspection equipment suitable for use in food processing environments, please visit www.anritsu.com/infivis