At the recent Process Expo Show, NuTEC introduced the 745E Food Forming System – a piece of equipment that garnered quite a bit of attention because of its ability to operate on a totally electric platform with absolutely no hydraulic fluid.

Based on the proven designs of NuTEC’s 790E and 760E Forming Systems, the energy-efficient 745E Food Forming System offers production rates of up to 80+ strokes per minute or up to 4,500 lbs/hr with no hydraulic oil or compressed air used in the more hygienic forming process. Though completely electric, it uses approximately 50 percent less electricity than other machines its size, while forming food at a faster pace. A smaller footprint also makes it a better choice for food and meat processing operations.

With 100 percent Servo Drive, the NuTEC 745E has reduced moving parts and requires less routine maintenance, lowering the true cost of ownership. The system features a user-friendly operator platform with a large, easy-to-navigate touchscreen that is available in multiple languages with sophisticated trouble-shooting screens.

For more information, contact  NuTEC Manufacturing at:
908 Garnet Court  
New Lenox, IL  60451