The companies providing logistics and transportation services to Wayne Farms are the final link to customer satisfaction, and Wayne Farms, along with its 3rd party logistics partner CH Robinson, recognized their critical contributions during the 3rd Annual Carrier Awards Banquet held September 20 at Lake Lanier Islands in Buford, Georgia. Carriers were recognized with awards in Local and Long-Haul Carrier categories, along with the 2017 Customer Service Award.

The 2017 Local Carrier of the Year, P&E Trucking from Talmo, Georgia, was acknowledged for its’ “above and beyond” performance, said Ken Esser, Wayne Farms Director of Inventory and Logistics. P&E’s proximity to the Wayne Farms Pendergrass Processing Facility proved to be invaluable. “P&E always went the extra mile, helping at the plant, keeping trailers refueled, even working weekends when necessary,” said Esser.

The 2017 Long-Haul Carrier of the Year, John Lawson Jr. Inc. out of Stuart, Virginia, also delivered on time and on budget for the company, safely and efficiently transporting millions of pounds of poultry products to customers of Wayne Farms across the country.

The 2017 Customer Service Award went to RWH Trucking, based in Cottondale, Florida. RWH superior customer service performance in 2017 was across the board, from handling deliveries efficiently to managing and tracking customer requirements and changes.

Esser also acknowledged the quality of customer and logistics services provided by all carriers for Wayne Farms. “Transporting our poultry products from our processing facilities to their final destination—safely and on schedule—is a key aspect of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations,” explained Esser. “We have to get it right the first time, and that means on time. These companies share our commitment to doing just that.”

Source: Wayne Farms LLC