Getting amazing products to Wayne Farms customers takes a complex carrier and logistics network spanning storage, transportation and inventory management. Each year, Wayne Farms recognizes the contributions of those carriers and other companies crucial to delivering on the company promise during the annual Carrier Awards banquet.

This year’s ceremony was part of the company’s September 9-10 Carrier Conference held at Lake Lanier Islands Resort and Conference center. The event saw a new lineup of companies garnering recognition, with separate awards recognizing superior logistics and transportation services going to four companies and three individuals.  The company also recognized 10 “Top On-Time” carriers for outstanding on-time delivery performance, hitting the company goal of 97 percent OTD for the year. “Last year was a year of change,” said Craig Watkins, Wayne Farms Director of Logistics, noting the introduction of new products, new customers and an upgrade of navigation technology featuring GPS integration and real-time, end-to-end product tracking and management.

Seamless inventory tracking, management and delivery are the core requirements of logistics partners, noted Watkins. “Our customer’s business only works if we’re on time, every time. “Load handling, food and transportation safety, on-time delivery and load acceptance—every element is critical. We needed partners who could embrace new technology and not only hit key performance indicators but be flexible and respond to changing requirements—extra loads, last-minute orders—whatever the customer needs to happen we have to make it happen. These awards recognize the companies and the people who said “yes” when we needed a solution.”

Carrier Awards

  • U.S. City Link Transportation: 2019 Carrier of the Year
  • Davis Express: 2019 Outstanding Service Award
  • Infinity Transportation Logistics: 2019 Outstanding Service Award
  • Brannon Golden Trucking: 2019 Outstanding Service Award

Individual Appreciation 

  • Dane Taylor: Penske Logistics
  • Steve Schott: TMCIA Division of C.H. Robinson
  • Kyle Kirkwood: R.E. Garrison Trucking

Source: Wayne Farms