The Vertiflo 1400 Horizontal End Suction Pump is designed for process, pollution control, spray systems, deionized water, waste water, corrosive liquids and chemicals. Rugged heavy duty cast iron frame design incorporates integrally cast support and ribbed mounting feet which assure a solid, dependable pump installation and operation. One frame fits all pump sizes. The frame has a back pull-out design feature, which allows for easy inspection or service / maintenance without disturbing the piping to the pump. The pump has external impeller adjustment and the semi-open impeller design accommodates passage of solids or fines. All impellers have balance holes near the hub which reduce thrust load and pressure in the packing or seal area. Wiping vanes reduce axial loading and prevent dirt from entering the sealing area. Packing or various mechanical seal arrangements are available as standard options. The pump is offered in a variety of materials: Cast iron, 316 stainless steel fitted, all 316 stainless steel, or CD4MCu. Requirements for pumping clear and corrosive liquids can be satisfied with capacities ranging up to 3600 gallons per minute, heads of 275 Feet and temperatures of 250 degrees F.

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