Perky Jerky has announced a brand refresh designed to connect with its core consumer, busy millennial moms. Fifty-eight percent of Perky Fans are women. They are looking for high-protein, all-natural, healthy snacks that can be enjoyed on the go. Perky Jerky delivers exactly what they want, and the brand evolution highlights those benefits.

The rebranding is also designed to increase shelf presence with a lighter, brighter package, more modern look, flavors in bold print and easy-to-read health perks. To highlight the incredible texture of its meats and increase appetite appeal, Perky Jerky included a beauty shot of the product on the back of the package. The refresh incorporates the iconic black and orange logo in matte and metallic, to ensure brand recognition and maintain the signature perky shine.

“As part of the redesign process, we surveyed Perky Jerky Super Fans and let them lead the evolution of our package,” said Denise Sirovatka, Vice President of Marketing at Perky Jerky. “They overwhelmingly chose this updated version which allows you to quickly identify your favorite flavor and see the great benefits that set us apart from others on the shelf.”

Made from grass-fed beef and turkey raised without antibiotics and no added hormones, Perky Jerky is a premium meat snack differentiated by bold flavors and tender texture. Forty-five percent of Perky Jerky consumers are brand new to the category. And shoppers who buy Perky Jerky spend nearly two and half times more than average.

“Our rebranding and updated packaging is designed to drive trial and continue to bring high value shoppers into our retail partners,” said Brian Levin, Founder & CEO of Perky Jerky. “The snack category, and specifically the meat snack category, is evolving as more millennials replace meals with portable, healthy snacks. The brand refresh is proof that Perky Jerky is leading the evolution of next generation meat snacks.”

As further proof they are innovating the category, Perky Jerky will roll out the redesigned packaging with the launch of a new healthy protein offering. In March, Perky Jerky will add a moist and tender pork jerky to its product line in three flavors – Mountain Maple, Asian Five Spice and Coconut Curry. Like their beef and turkey, the new pork is an all-natural, premium jerky that is low calorie, low fat, low carb and free of nitrites, preservatives, gluten and MSG. For more information about Perky Jerky, please visit

Source: Perky Jerky