Perky Jerkyhas announced the launch of new packaging that boldly adds a money-back guarantee. Clearly displayed on the front-of-pack is the statement, Perky Jerky is the Best Tasting Jerky on Earth, and the brand is ready to stand behind its product with a money-back guarantee. In addition, consumers will be able to easily locate nutrition facts panel values and claims on the front of its packaging, allowing consumers to recognize what sets Perky Jerky apart from the competition.

"We're confident about our superior taste, texture and overall product quality that is a result of our proprietary manufacturing process. Now our packaging reflects what we've always done – and that is make the best tasting jerky on earth," says Brian Levin, Chairman of the Herd. "And if consumers do not agree, we are offering a money back guarantee."

Since 2009, Perky Jerky has been at the forefront of the healthy snacking trend with its introduction of a delicious, all natural, ultra premium jerky to the meat snacks category. The brand continues to evolve with the launch of its new packaging that, quite simply, says it all. To help create this premium quality, each batch is carefully handcrafted using only all natural, quality ingredients during the marinating process. The result is consistent, tender and, most importantly, delicious jerky. While over 250,000 bags are produced each week, the high touch process remains the same.

"Perky Jerky has been making healthy jerky since we first launched, and nowadays a clean ingredient deck in the category is a dime a dozen," said, Levin. "In regards to claims, everyone already knows that jerky is a high protein snack. We've taken it a step further and addressed all of our nutritional facts, including sugar, right on the front. We're not being selective and only showing off our healthiest attributes."

With the continued demand for healthy, protein-rich foods, Perky Jerky is the perfect portable better-for-you snack. Its current flavors include: Hot & Bothered, Sweet & Snappy, Tasty Teriyaki, Jammin' Jamaican and More Than Just Original. Perky Jerky has always been free of nitrites, preservatives, and added MSG. And now all flavors featured in the new packaging are also certified gluten-free.

The growth of the $2.5 billion meat snack category and demand for Perky Jerky is evident in the brand's diverse distribution. From the natural foods retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts, to mass retailers like Target and Wal-Mart, and specialty retailers such as Home Depot, Best Buy and The Sports Authority, Perky Jerky is sold in over 30,000 locations nationwide in 60,000 check lanes.

Source: Perky Jerky