The all-new vacuum packaging machine from Best & Donoval, the Tera Pack, has been engineered for multiple products. Features include: adjust­able vacuum intensity, variable enclosure options, packs approximately 20 sealed products per minute, and the table top work surface can be removed for easy maintenance or scheduled cleaning. It is suitable for perishable or non-per­ishable products. Any voltage or Hz is available, also gas flush as an optional upgrade.

The packaging machine offers:

  • a Large Work Area that accommodates any size product for complete packaging and rotates CW or CCW.
  • a superior Vacuum System built for ease of daily cleaning and maintenance requirements.
  • a convenient Control Panel suspended so the operator can adjust speeds easily.

Other new and novel features include a unique rotary system that allows for the insertion of product-enhancing gases for the food industry. Other options include adding fragrances, seasonings, antibacterials and other desirable mixtures.  It also features new ergonomic loading features and easy clean-up procedures. High-speed clippers are available for a full range of products including chicken, pork, beef, ham and other items.

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