BioLogiQ Inc., a bioplastic resin manufacturing company specializing in environmentally friendly plastic products made from renewable resources, announced today that it is launching three new grades of its plant-based plastic, NuPlastiQ BioPolymers. The new grades are: NuPlastiQ XP High Performance BioPolymers for packaging applications; NuPlastiQ XD High Durability BioPolymers for durable goods applications; and NuPlastiQ BC Biodegradable/Compostable BioPolymers for foodservice and other packaging applications.

Using a proprietary process, BioLogiQ produces NuPlastiQ GP BioPolymers (GP) from natural, renewable resources − plants. GP resins contain 100% USDA Certified Biobased Content, and are ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 certified for compostability. When combined with traditional plastics to produce the new XP, XD, and BC grades, the resulting resins are stronger and more durable; reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation; and maintain the recyclability, compostability, or biodegradability of that traditional polymer (i.e., HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, TPE EVOH, PLA, PHA).

Brad LaPray, president and founder of BioLogiQ explains, "Simply put, we make polymers from plants by turning polysaccharides, or plant starch, into plastic. This polymer actually forms an alloy with its partner polymers to produce new compounds that are stronger than the partner plastic would be by itself. It's like combining copper and zinc to make brass, an alloy that's more durable than either of its ingredients are by themselves."

NuPlastiQ XP High Performance
When GP is combined with traditional packaging plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polystyrene (PS), the strength of NuPlastiQ XP leads to down-gauging and reductions in the use of fossil fuel-based plastics. Applications include flexible bags & pouches, jugs, handle bags, grocery sacks, and trash bags. The recyclability of the partner resins is maintained or potentially enhanced.

NuPlastiQ XD High Durability
For durable goods, NuPlastiQ XD BioPolymers made with ABS, recycled HDPE, TPE or similar resins maintain or improve the physical properties of these resins and reduce the use of fossil fuel-based plastics. Depending on the application, they may also allow for the reduction of materials used. Applications include casings for mobile phones and other consumer electronics, hand tools, footwear, rigid containers, and power tools.

NuPlastiQ BC Biodegradable/Compostable
NuPlastiQ BC BioPolymers  are made by compounded NuPlastiQ GP and other biodegradable or compostable resins such as PHA, PBAT or PLA.  They are designed to maintain or increase biodegradation levels in industrial compost conditions and to meet ASTM D6400 standards. The resulting compounds also provide opportunities for light-weighting and/or cost reduction. Applications include bags & sacks, agricultural films, and foodservice products such as cups, lids, utensils, plates and containers.

About BioLogiQ
Founded in 2011, BioLogiQ, Inc. of Idaho Falls, makes polymers from plants. It was established to create a useful plastic from the excess starch produced (and usually discarded) during potato processing. The company's goal is to help build a world free of pollution caused by fossil fuel-based plastics. For more information, visit or