McCloud Services, a leading pest management company servicing Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and Wisconsin, offers insights on the technology advancements in monitoring systems for rodent pest control in its recent case study titled, “Remote Monitoring for Rodent Control.” McCloud Services experts also share what the future of remote monitoring technology has in store for food facilities in the future.

As remote monitoring technology continues to evolve, pest management professionals are finding ways to effectively use these new technologies to better predict pest activity and solve the root causes of why a pest may be present in a food facility. In its case study, McCloud Services explores two different remote monitoring systems, and shares the benefits found with each technology, providing insights on key areas including:

  • Root cause analysis – Real time capture data helps increase the pest management professional’s investigative abilities.
  • Trapping challenges to access areas – Remote monitoring systems offer the ability to monitor difficult-to-access areas more efficiently and safely.
  • Impact of human disturbance on trapping – Innovative control and monitoring methods can decrease the chance of human activity interfering with traps.

“With advancing technology, we see major benefits when using remote monitoring systems. These innovative solutions ultimately save time and allow us to provide more accurate and tailored recommendations for pest prevention and management,” said Patricia Hottel, BCE, technical director of McCloud Services. “As remote monitoring systems continue to evolve to offer more measurements and monitoring of different pests, the pest management industry will utilize this technology even more to strengthen the level of expertise offered in the industry.”

To learn more about McCloud Services’ recent research and testing of remote monitoring systems, please download McCloud Services’ case study here: Remote Monitoring for Rodent Control

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