AAMP membership provides professional support and growth you won’t find anywhere else. 

The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) has grown considerably over the past few years. Enhanced member services, a continued partnership with affiliate organizations, and the tireless work of member volunteers have made this possible. 

AAMP’s more than 1,300 members are the true heart of the organization. Members enhance their business opportunities by learning and sharing with each other through various networking opportunities. The learning opportunities members receive at AAMP will show a very real and measurable return on that investment. 


AAMP Membership Benefits: 

National Convention

The annual meeting of the organization is the American Convention of Meat Processors. This show features a serious educational program for operators, entertainment, fun and fellowship, as well as exhibits and displays by leading industry manufacturers and suppliers. Join us July 25-27, 2019 in Mobile, Alabama.

Representation in Washington

AAMP serves as a vigilant watchdog on Congressional legislation, agency regulation, and government activities that affect your business. We develop relationships with members of Congress and provide input concerning laws that would affect the industry. 

Meat Inspection Problem-Solving

AAMP helps its members to solve inspection problems they encounter in the course of day-to-day product production and business with personal attention and advice. AAMP helps members who are having problems seek fair solutions directly with the federal and state inspection agencies. AAMP also provides immediate telephone advice on SSOP’s, sanitation, HACCP, and other problems.

Supporting Documentation for HACCP Plans

AAMP has collected numerous papers to help its members support the reason why certain critical limits are chosen throughout HACCP plans. Find model HACCP plans and supporting documentation on our website. 

Discunted Nutrition Analysis Services

Today’s health conscious consumers are looking for nutrition labels on the food products they purchase. AAMP’s Nutritional Labeling Service allows you to compete with products sold by larger food and meat manufacturers. As an AAMP member, you get discounted pricing for this valuable service. Learn more at www.aamp.com/nutritional-labeling-service-info

AAMP Job Board

AAMP’s Job Board is your resource for finding top talent in the industry. This service offers AAMP members a quick way to post their job listings and connect with qualified applicants. While only members can post an ad, anyone can apply. This allows the industry’s most capable people a way to find your employment opportunities. Learn more at jobs.aamp.com. Questions? Contact diana@aamp.com.

Fact Sheet Brochures

As consumers demand more information about the foods they eat, meat processors need tools to answer those questions. AAMP has provided you, as an AAMP member, with three fact sheet brochures, to hand out to your customers. They are Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed; Hormones and Meat; Nitrates vs. Nitrites; and the newest, Genetic Engineering and Livestock Production. Each brochure gives facts about the topics in an informative and educational way, allowing consumers to make informed food choices. To order hard copies of the brochure, call AAMP at 877-877-0168, or e-mail to aamp@aamp.com. PDF versions that can be posted on your website are available on AAMP’s Materials tab of the resources section of the website.

AAMPlifier Archives

Missed a newsletter? Want to look at industry topics previously covered over the past decade? Please use this member-only benefit at www.aamp.com. 

Training Videos

Members have exclusive access to various training videos, developed by AAMP. These videos include: Cleaning & Sanitation; Personal Hygiene; and Humane Handling. A knife safety training video will also be available in the coming months. Each training video includes optional quizzes, instructions to view in other languages, as well as certificates of completion. 

We hope you consider a membership with North America’s largest meat trade association. Only thorough membership and participation can you experience all of the benefits AAMP has to offer. Visit www.aamp.com to join now!


Special Introductory Offer for First-Time Members

Under AAMP’s special introductory offer, a first-time prospective member can purchase 2 years of membership for $400 and receive the third year for free. Regular membership with AAMP is $200, per year. That’s a savings of $200 for a three-year membership! To take advantage of this great offer, call the AAMP office today at 717-367-1168.