Eriez has appointed James Cooke to the position of Managing Director of Eriez-Australia, according to an announcement by Eriez Senior Director of Asia Pacific Operations and Strategy Jaisen Kohmuench. Before this promotion, Cooke served as Eriez-Australia Factory Manager since 2005.

Cooke started his career as an apprentice for the Australian Defence Industries (ADI). Then, in 1994, he began his employment with Eriez-Australia and has served in various roles within the company over the decades. Kohmuench says, “James’ promotion to Managing Director is a validation of his work ethic and business acumen. It is also a testament to Eriez’ belief to promote from within, when possible.”

Cooke has focused on continuing education throughout his tenure with Eriez. He earned a certificate IV of management in 2011 and then a diploma and advanced diploma of management in 2012. Cooke is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in applied management.

“I have been constantly impressed with James’ innate ability to understand our business and what is necessary for Eriez-Australia to grow and be profitable,” says Kohmuench. He continues, “His management capabilities are exceptional and will assure Eriez-Australia’s continued success.”

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