It’s hard to say that “protein is back” because, as one of the building blocks of life, protein never really went away. There is, perhaps, a greater appreciation than recent years, as many new dietary trends have emerged, stressing its importance in the diet.

Food companies of all manner have taken notice. Food items from nuts to yogurt are highlighting the amount of protein preserving that they offer. Nutrition bars and protein bars have staked their claim as well, offering 12g to 20g of protein in a single serving. Their popularity has, in turn, ushered in a new market, as consumers look for the convenience of a protein-packed snack but in a more natural form. Enter: the meat bar.

The meat bar is a relatively new addition to the meat snack market and the protein bar market, but it is gaining momentum. Numerous brands have entered the market in recent years. Popular dietary trends like the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet are stressing the importance of natural and protein-packed foods, and a meat bar fits those needs.

“For the keto diet, healthy fats and quality proteins are important for maintaining energy,” explains from John Rooney, founder of DNX Bars. “Unlike many other protein bars that use soy or whey protein isolate, DNX Bars feature high-quality protein the way nature intended, from grass-fed beef, grass-fed bison, or free-range chicken.”

DNX Bars take a culinary approach to the meat bar market, combining healthful attributes with high-end tastes. The company’s product range includes Peri Peri Style Chicken, Jamaican Style Bison, Mexican Style Beef and Sweet Potato Pecan Beef. Its latest product, a Grass-Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeño Bar, is ideal for the keto community.

“Most keto dieters try to limit their carbs to less than 20g of net carbs per day, so it’s important that their snacks don’t contribute too much to this overall amount,” Rooney explains, adding that the new Beef & Bacon Bar has just 1g of net carbs, 14g of protein and 9g of healthy fats from high-quality animal sources free of antibiotics and hormones. It also had no sugar or sugar alcohol added, making it the only truly natural keto bar on the market today, he says.

Of DNX Bars’ other products, the Peri Peri Style Chicken Bar is another keto-friendly option with 1g of net carbs and 13g of high-quality protein.

“Our other bars contain 3 to 5 grams of carbs and can be used by keto dieters if they choose to allocate them toward their daily carb limit. They feature the same high-quality ingredients and are paleo-compliant and Whole30 Approved,” Rooney adds.

The Whole30 Program is, according to the plan’s developer, is a 30-day program that puts an emphasis on meat, seafood, eggs vegetables and natural herbs, fats and spices. Dieters are encouraged to seek out foods with few ingredients that are easy to pronounce and to avoid all sugar, alcohol, grains legumes and dairy products.

“Having the Whole30 Approved label on our products helps customers easily identify that DNX Bars are a healthy choice made from whole foods and clean ingredients and one that they can trust meet the popular program’s stringent requirements,” says Rooney.

DNX teams with nutritionists and fitness experts, as well as culinary experts, to develop bars that appeal to consumers both for nutritional value and taste.

“Taste has always been a huge priority for us, so we work with them to bring out the best in each ingredient, creating a creative lineup that features savory and sweet flavors. We also work with meat scientists to maximize consistency and shelf life,” he says.