Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer specializing in barcode data collection, has announced the release of SIMBA 2019, which is designed to provide meat and poultry processors a production, inventory and traceability system that records information on the plant floor in real-time.

Increase production speed and traceability
The SIMBA system is easy to use and easily configured to replace pencil and paper records and spreadsheets.  SIMBA can be integrated to scales for proper weight measurements and also tracks by-products as well as raw materials and finished goods. SIMBA also provides yield amounts.

SIMBA allows a production line worker to change the content of product labels with a fingertip on the computer or touch screen, capturing product weight information and printing a label with a barcode identifier for that case or carton. 

SIMBA Inventory System provides production and inventory reporting and traceability through the process, from receiving to shipping. Cartons can be accumulated onto a pallet and tracked with a single pallet identifier.  The cartons or pallets can be stored in the warehouse (cooler or freezer) and tracked by location. The easy traceability feature makes E. coli recalls easy and will track back to the batch, lot, carton, or case level minimizing total product loss.

Mobile Warehouse and Shipping
At the time of storage or shipping, the mobile module, SIMBA Logistics, tracks each carton or pallet to a warehouse location and records where each carton or pallet ships – what van it was loaded onto or which sales order or customer it was shipped against.  A Bill of Lading is then produced automatically.  This feature not only saves time in the shipping process, it eliminates disputes with customers regarding what was actually shipped.

Key results from implementing the SIMBA software include increased production speed; the ability to get real-time, accurate production reports; to fulfill traceability requirements; to report accurate inventory; to print professional looking carton and pallet labels; and to expedite shipping.

Contact Dave Heffernan (davidh@dynamic-systemsinc.com), Business Development Manager: 800-342-3999; http://dynamic-systemsinc.com/software/meat.