Silo Construction & Engineering (SCE) is announcing a new modular silo design for the U.S. Milling Industry. SCE will showcase this new patented mass flow technology in Atlanta February 12-14.

Construction projects for new feed milling facilities are facing several challenges in the future:

  • Food safety: FSMA regulation
  • Flexibility in plant design to accommodate market trends and growing manufacturing needs
  • Overall construction and maintenance/operation cost

An efficient and successful feed manufacturing plant combines the latest in storage technology and machine process design to overcome these challenges.

At the IPPE Expo in Atlanta, SCE will present a full-scale model of the new silo construction. These square bins ensure a fast and smooth installation process thanks to the ready-made ‘Lego’ like components. The lower total installed cost will deliver the client more profit on his design and the result is a self-cleaning silo consisting of several contamination-free bins. Next to being hygienic and low-maintenance, milling companies love that the SCE bins are easy to install. They connect with the rest of the facility (floors, stairs and roof structures), creating a smaller footprint of the manufacturing plant. The new patented Mass-flow ‘butterfly’ system will also be demonstrated as a product proven to be very innovative in both the feed and food industry. With the SCE silos, expansion and repurposing is easily accomplished within any plant lay-out.

Visit the SCE booth at the IPPE Expo to discover why customers like Blue Buffalo, Purina (Nestlé), Cargill and Land O’ Lakes already made the decision to use SCE bins.

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