Beginning January 30th, visitors to the International Production & Processing Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will have three days to see the very best portfolio of drive products available. It can be found at Booth 6176 in Hall B, where NORD Drivesystems is pleased to present an array of established drive solutions as well as several new additions, all designed to solve problems and improve efficiency for those servicing the needs of the poultry, meat, and feed industries.

Some examples include:

Cost Effective Alternative to Stainless: Struggling with flaked paint and chemical corrosion on your drive components, but don’t want to spend the extra money for stainless steel? NORD’s NSD tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System provides the corrosion resistance of stainless steel at a fraction the cost. It’s easy to clean and is designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions found in dairies, meat packing plants, poultry processors, and other food handling industry sub-segments where hygiene and reliable performance are a necessity. NSD tupH meets all applicable ASTM and DIN surface treatment standards, including D1654-08, B117-09, ISO 9227, and is available on a variety of NORD’s inline and bevel gear drive units, offering a lighter, less expensive, but extremely durable alternative to stainless steel.

Turn right: Everyone’s concerned with drive system energy costs, but especially so with right angle worm reducers, where efficiency can drop to as low as 40-percent in some cases. One way to improve this is by replacing your standard worm drive with one of NORD Drivesystems’ 93.1 two-stage helical bevel units with gearing efficiency up to 97-percent. Available with a wide range of gear ratios, torque capabilities and shaft options, the 93.1 bevel has a UNICASE main housing and high capacity output bearings. Simply bolt on one of NORD’s interchange footplates, attach a universal shaft, and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits of lower energy costs and trouble-free operation.

Keep it clean: If you’re tired of the downtime that comes with removing the fluids and solid waste that collects on housing surfaces (and sometimes, within the housing itself), look no further than NORD Drivesystems’ recently introduced NORDBLOC.1 Helical In-Line Gear Unit. Thanks to its smooth housing and NSD tupH surface conversion, as well as NORD’s proprietary AUTOVENT pressure regulation technology, this single-stage gear unit is perfect for pumping and mixing applications, food processing, and anywhere caustic sterilization chemicals are used.

Overhead precision: Need an overhead conveyor that’s reliable, easy to keep clean, and very budget friendly? The SK9055 and SK9155 gear-driven conveyors utilize a leak-proof, dry cavity design that makes either unit an ideal solution on a meat processing line, for example, where oil contamination would spell certain trouble. The NORD standard VL3 wide bearing span gives these devices long-term stability, and with 3,000 lbs. and 6,000 lbs. respectively of thrust at the output shaft, they’re able to move even the heaviest loads without difficulty. Best of all, the industry standard mounting flange make it easy to drop either of these units into your existing conveyor line. Add it all up and you’re looking at very low cost of ownership together with reliable, efficient operation.

Conveying success: Another popular conveying solution is NORD’s Screw Conveyor Package, or SCP. Available in CLINCHER parallel shaft and HELICAL-BEVEL right-angle models, the system is both compact and cost-effective, and is an excellent alternative to traditional screw-style conveyor drives. The CLINCHER boasts torque capacity to 53,000 lb-in, power output up to 60 HP, and speeds to 405 rpm. Its right-angle helical counterpart provides similar torque capacity but a substantially higher gear ratio (up to 4246:1) with roughly half the rpm. Both enjoy efficiency in the mid to high 90s, a CEMA flange and shaft design that prevents contamination, and a reducer shaft modification that makes these units easy to install and forgiving of screw pipe misalignment.

Controlled distribution: NORD is known for its high-quality, distributed control vector drive technology, and the new NORDAC START and NORDAC FLEX are no exceptions. As its name implies, the FLEX SK 200E is NORD’s most flexible inverter yet, with 4-quadrant operation, integrated POSICON position control and synchronization modes, easy-to-use, parameterized installation and maintenance functions, and integrated safety and braking capabilities. And the NORDAC START SK135E electronic starter provides soft start and reverse mode operation that protect the motor from overload situations. When used with the SK200E (or any of NORD’s other vector drive units), the START will provide wear-free and safe operation for years to come.

We at NORD hope that you will join us at IPPE 2018, the world's largest annual poultry, meat and feed event. Remember, we’re at Booth 6176 in Hall B. We look forward to showing you ways to make your equipment more flexible, profitable, and easier to operate and maintain.