CW Egg Products in Fort Recovery, Ohio held an open house Tuesday, February 26 to celebrate the completion of their expansion, which allows them to explore more processing and packing options and gives them the ability to pasteurize liquid egg in-house.

“This allows us to give individual focus to what the customer wants and not have to sell our eggs to a further processor for that to happen,” said Jeff Cutler, General Manager of the egg division at Cooper Farms. “This can mean anything from certain packaging requests to bakery-specific blends of liquid egg.”

Being able to perform these tasks in-house opens the door to new customers, such as larger bakeries, to work directly with CW Egg Products, instead of first selling the liquid egg to a pasteurization company.

CW Egg Products also aims to satisfy all customers’ unique standards for where and how their product was produced by offering eggs from either conventionally housed, cage-free or organically raised chickens.

These processes were added by utilizing space already available at the plant. 

“It was nice because we were able to add all of these capabilities without having to add any additional space to the building itself,” said Cutler. “We were able to simply repurpose existing warehouse space into a space for further processing.”

Source: CW Egg Products/Cooper Farms