Bettcher Industries Inc. announced that it has acquired Cantrell, a U.S.-based manufacturer of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry.

With this acquisition, Bettcher Industries expands its presence in the poultry industry, including the ability to offer a wider range of equipment and system solutions to processors.

In the nearly 50 years since its founding in 1972, Cantrell has earned a reputation for designing and delivering quality products and parts that meet the needs of the poultry processing industry. Among the products the company manufactures are evisceration and picking equipment, second processing equipment, wing segmenters, vacuum systems, and spare parts. Cantrell sells its products to leading poultry processors in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Speaking about the acquisition, Dane Woods, General Manager of Cantrell who will continue in that capacity, comments, “Total commitment to customers is, as always, our top priority. Every Cantrell customer will have access to the same fine products, parts and support that have defined our success in the marketplace.”

According to Joe Cowman, President of Cantrell•Gainco Poultry Group, the day-to-day operations of Cantrell will be unaffected by the ownership change. “Dane Woods and Tony Rice remain as co-General Managers, and Cantrell customers will see no changes in how we serve them. We anticipate offering expanded solutions and services by building synergies with our companion businesses,” he explains.

One of those companion businesses, Gainco Inc., is a major provider of solutions to optimize yields in poultry and meat processing plants, with offerings that include weighing, inspection, trimming, and deboning applications. Like Cantrell, Gainco is headquartered in Gainesville, Ga. This close proximity will facilitate shared collaboration in developing new products and solutions for customers.

Commenting on the acquisition, Don Esch, CEO of Bettcher Industries states, “These are exciting times for the company. With Cantrell joining the Bettcher family of businesses, we are positioned for accelerated growth and further expansion of our market activities, giving us opportunities to support our poultry processing customers in more ways than ever before.”

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