U.S. company Bettcher Industries, which specializes in high-quality cutting tools for the meat, poultry and fish industries, has appointed René T. Hansen as new Managing Director of its European subsidiary, Bettcher GmbH, based in Dierikon, Switzerland.

René T. Hansen has been with Bettcher Industries since July 2018, working as International Sales Manager for Bettcher GmbH. In his new role as Managing Director, he will be responsible for strategic business development, as well as ensuring successful implementation of all business objectives throughout the company and its network of clients and distributors.

Hansen has an extensive background and a profound experience, working more than 30 years in the protein business. Prior to joining Bettcher, he worked as Product Manager at Nemco A/S for 13 years and before that, as Consultant at the Danish Meat Research Institute working internationally.

Commenting on his new role Hansen said, “I am honored by being promoted as Managing Director at Bettcher GmbH. Coming from a position as International Sales Manager within the Bettcher family gives me a good insight and a solid foundation to run the business.

“The last year, we have been through unprecedented times, for life in general and for the meat industry in particular. Covid-19 and ASF changes the dynamics in the meat business, quickly and randomly. Being agile and adaptive to these threats, are key factors today. Bettcher has over the last 75 years proven the ability to develop and change with the meat industry, meeting and solving challenges successfully. The Bettcher team is a veteran organization with a lot of experience, outstanding performance, showing strong leadership and a world class service. That together with the Bettcher Sales Model creates a strong business, well positioned for the future and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Announcing the new appointment, Mark Host, Vice President of Global Sales at Bettcher Industries, comments, “We are very pleased to welcome René T. Hansen as the new Managing Director of Bettcher GmbH. His wide-ranging experience and deep knowledge of all aspects of the protein industry will further advance our European business. Having previously been employed as International Sales Manager of Bettcher GmbH, his know-how will help strengthen existing industry networks and establish innovative new strategies. We wish him continued success in his new role.”

For more information visit www.bettcher.com.