Global Food Properties is pleased to announce engagement with Select Real Estate Advisors, and its founder, Frank Schade. Formerly Vice President, Global Workplace, Kellogg Company. Schade managed 350 food-related facilities, totaling 36 million square feet and $325 million in aggregate rent. Core competencies include optimizing a global production portfolio, delivering peak flexibility to diverse business units, saving $53 million in enterprise value, and aligning real estate to key CEO and stakeholder mandates.

The yoking of Schade’s strategic capabilities to Global Food Properties’ transaction platform provides subject matter expertise, from a corporate insider’s perspective. Primary skills include increasing occupancy flexibility and efficiency; minimizing lease risk; relentlessly cutting cost; and aligning assets and occupancy to leadership’s vision. Real estate is too mission-critical to be an afterthought, and occupancy waste and expense are unsustainable under current margins.

Global Food Properties is a boutique brokerage concentrating exclusively on food production and distribution, as well as advanced manufacturing, research, pharma, and lab properties. Expertise includes the sale, lease, acquisition, and valuation of special-purpose manufacturing, distribution, and global workplace facilities, including cost-savings initiatives and optimizing the physical footprint.

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