As a pioneering food tech company, Micvac contributes to a more sustainable society through their innovative system for healthy and environmentally conscious meals. Their chilled ready meal system utilizes in-pack cooking and pasteurization in one continuous process. Key to this process are the Micvac microwave tunnel and the Micvac’s patented packaging components: the Micvac valve, tray and specially designed film.

Micvac received the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award in November 2018 for their energy efficient production system. In the fresh chilled convenience meal segment it enables shelf life of up to around sixty days (if necessary) without preservatives. This extended shelf life reduces spoilage in stores and at home.

A study with KIN Food Institute, Neumuenster, Germany, compared the conventional autoclave convenience meal production process with the Micvac microwave system. The results made clear, that the Micvac process is much more sustainable. Also, the vitamin content of the Micvac fresh chilled ready meal after cooking was almost twice as high as the conventionally produced meal.

Worldwide successful
In close partnership with its customers, the company is successful not only in Sweden, Norway and Finland but also in Brazil, Russia, Japan, South Africa and Australia. The latest addition to the market are the ready-to-serve fresh meals made with the Micvac system, which have been launched in Russia on a large scale, where they revolutionise the convenience food market with the new concept.

Tasty meals for modern demands
With this modern approach and by offering fresh and healthy meals, that are full of flavor Micvac fulfills the wishes and tastes of the modern consumer in these fast-moving times. Delicious ready meals for today´s needs: The ready meals are heated in the microwave without being removed from the sealed packaging. When heated, the patented valve incorporated into the packaging film opens to release steam. A whistle tells the consumer that the ready meal is ready for consumption at an ideal serving temperature - "Fresh thinking, served."

For more information and to be able to taste for yourself, please visit Micvac at IFFA in Frankfurt, hall 11.0 stand E20.