The Sesotec LIQUISCAN VF GO and LIQUISCAN VF IC metal separators will celebrate their premiere at IFFA in Frankfurt. At booth C 51 in hall 11.0, visitors from the food industry can see for themselves the state of the art in metal separators for filler applications. Sesotec's proprietary software, combined with a product design optimized to meet the highest hygiene requirements, ensures maximum detection accuracy in filler applications for pasty and liquid products.

LIQUISCAN VF metal separators have been specially developed for use in pump lines with high hygienic requirements and have already proven themselves many times over in various applications. They reliably detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants from liquid or pasty products. Thanks to their short installation length and optional quick-release fasteners, the metal separators can be easily attached to vacuum fillers and pumps. Three separation units adapted to different product characteristics guarantee reliable rejection of metallic impurities, provide maximum flexibility and easy integration into complex line control systems.

Using single or dual frequency, the LIQUISCAN VF GO already achieves very good detection results. The INTUITIY Control of the Sesotec LIQUISCAN VF IC compensates even better for product effects via multi-simultaneous frequencies for highest detection accuracy with minimal risk of false rejects.


Compliance Package and THiNK: Software options for LIQUISCAN VF IC

For LIQUISCAN VF IC metal separators there is the Sesotec Compliance Package, an innovative software package for complete and efficient documentation. The functions Audit-Check, Sensitivity Prediction, Compliance Mode, Integrated Compliance Monitoring (ICM), and Integrated Validation Process (IVP) make a decisive contribution to greater food safety, process reliability and reduction of product waste.

Especially for applications with very high product effects such as meat and sausage products, the LIQUISCAN VF IC has been extended by the optional THiNK software. THiNK is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and independently draws conclusions from large amounts of data. The software virtually hides the product effect, thus increasing detection sensitivity and reducing false rejects.

Thomas Hellgermann, Sesotec product manager, is looking forward to presenting the new LIQUISCAN VF metal separators to visitors to the Sesotec booth at IFFA: "We have fundamentally revised the LIQUISCAN VF metal separator and, in part, completely redeveloped it. This concerns both the device design and the software. For example, the newly designed stand offers maximum flexibility and high stability. Thanks to multi-simultaneous frequency technology and AI, the additional software options of the LIQUISCAN VF IC meet the highest customer requirements in terms of detection accuracy and complete and transparent documentation. All in all, it is now even easier for our customers to integrate LIQUISCAN VF metal separators into their production lines and line controls."

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