Alginate is seen as the way forward to make a vegan sausage in a casing. Have you ever experienced that the alginate casing didn't bind to sausage dough properly? With vegan and meat-based product formulations this phenomenon can occur especially when the alginate-coated sausages are heated in hot water. As a result, the moment the sausage hits the boiling water, it will shed its casing.

Or at least, that’s how it used to be. But not any longer: Vaess's (formerly Vaessen-Schoemaker, 1946) team of dutch food engineers has invented a solution.
Solving the problems of today with the solutions of tomorrow

Vaess (formerly Vaessen-Schoemaker, 1946) has over 75 years of experience in food tech and knows how the food industry works better than anyone. “The knowledge of the industry, meat and the machinery has been passed on to each new Vaess generation. Meaning that our young, creative team works with the ingenuity of today and knowledge covering decades.” Joris Hermans, director business development at Vaess explains. “The combination of the two, plus the eagerness to solve the problems in today’s industry, makes us continue to surprise the industry with solutions of tomorrow.”

And for the past few years, a selected few at Vaess has focused on a big problem in the industry. “There’s one thing that everyone has always wanted: the ability to wrap a vegan cooked sausage in an alginate casing without the sausage losing its casing the moment it’s heated.”
Introducing the patented VascoPrime

After devoting years to research and thorough testing, Vaess is now proud to announce the release of their patented solution: VascoPrime. “We’ve built a ‘primer’ system that works. The proof of principle is already there and will be there for the world to see at IFFA this year." VascoPrime is created in cooperation with Handtmann Machinenfabrik. “VascoPrime runs on a Handtmann Conpro system. We basically put a ‘double bridge’ between the alginate casing and sausage dough: a primer that works on two systems. This works perfect on Handtmann’s Triple Coextrusion options on the Handtmann Conpro Link.”

The VascoPrime will make its first public appearance at IFFA in Frankfurt. You can visit Vaess at hall 12.1 - Booth no. B68.

Source: Vaess