Linde plc will introduce NITROBOOST at the International Production and Processing Expo (booth 10843) in Atlanta in January 2022. The new liquid nitrogen powered NITROBOOST supplemental refrigeration systems give manufacturers the ability to maintain target operating temperatures in their existing mechanical tunnel and spiral freezers (NITROBOOST ST) or blast-style freezers (NITROBOOST BL). This avoids production downtime and the related temperature issues that occur from high heat loads and exceeding the freezer's capacity.  

“The NITROBOOST supplemental refrigeration system was designed to deliver a rapid and flexible increase to the refrigeration capacity,” explained Chris Johnson, Linde business development director. “Since the system operates on an as-needed basis, it’s cost-effective for optimizing capacity without investment in new equipment or facility renovation. And we have designed NITROBOOST units specifically for mechanical spiral and tunnel freezers, and for blast-style freezers, so it’s quite versatile and gives manufacturers options to match their technology.”


How it works

The NITROBOOST is self-contained, complete with coils, defrost mechanism, and controls. Made up of heat exchanger coils, using liquid nitrogen, the system is compact in size yet delivers substantial additional refrigeration capacity. It’s small enough to fit within or to be mounted on existing spiral or tunnel freezers. Liquid nitrogen is conveyed to the coils safely through a pipeline from a storage tank and then vented into the atmosphere. 


The NITROBOOST system at-a-glance

  • Space-saving design, no additional production space required
  • Minimal downtime to retrofit freezers with NITROBOOST system
  • Low maintenance system
  • Boosts refrigeration on as-needed basis
  • Greater productivity, less downtime due to temperature or frost issues
  • Improves product quality via tighter temperature control, regardless of outdoor temps
  • Expert technical support

More information about NITROBOOST ST systems for spiral, tunnel, or NITROBOOST BL systems for blast freezers and other Linde services, gases, and equipment systems for making high-quality food and beverages will be on display at the Linde booth C10843 or online at

Source: Linde