Following extensive research, Symrise is excited to announce the completion of its report on the 2019+ Top Trends for North America. This annual study, which is the product of surveys, interviews, conversations with top chefs, and observations from food treks to restaurants, bars and shops, has identified 11 rising trends in the food and beverage industry, not just for 2019 but also looking 2 to 3 years ahead. “The 2019+ Top Trends Report is just one of many resources that continues to position Symrise as an authority at the forefront of flavors and food trends and we welcome the opportunity to present this comprehensive report to our customers,” says Dylan Thompson, Marketing and Consumer Insight Manager at Symrise.

The Symrise team leveraged a variety of sources to determine what’s next in the savory, sweet, and beverage categories. Symrise partnered with StarChefs, a restaurant industry group that recognizes breakout professionals in the industry. Through StarChefs, Symrise conducted an online survey targeted towards industry professionals about emerging flavors and practices before conducting in depth interviews with leading chefs, mixologists, and pastry chefs to gain a deeper understanding into these trends.

In addition to this primary research, Symrise consulted its own database of market research insights to ultimately select 11 trends that will loom large throughout 2019 and beyond.

One such trend is “Plant-Based Paradise,” that recognizes the surge in the creative use of plants and plant byproducts. This includes familiar ingredients like garlic, ramps, and other alliums, as well as less traditional substances like THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis. Charred vegetables are also on the rise, as are some alternative sweetness sources like beet sugar and tree water. “Vibrant Visuals,” meanwhile, is an aesthetic trend that favors food and drink distinguished by their own bold, natural colors; some popular items are purple carrot, huckleberry, the intensely blue tea made from butterfly pea flower, and the lavender-colored yam from the Philippines known as ube. With “Global Horizons - Accessible Asian,” Symrise continues to look at the increasing popularity of Asian influences, including the citrus fruit yuzu, Hong Kong’s spicy and briny XO sauce, and Japanese Cheesecake, fluffier than its western counterpart.

The 2019+ Top Trends for North America report dives into these trends and several more, shedding light on the future of the food and beverage market.

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