Cooks Venture announces that their pasture-raised, slow-growth, heirloom chickens is available to consumers for the first time through FreshDirect. Founded by Matthew Wadiak, Blue Apron's co-founder and former COO, Cooks Venture is a next generation food company committed to regenerative agriculture and a truly transparent supply chain for the future. 

"We couldn't launch with a better partner in the Northeast," says Cooks Venture's CEO Matthew Wadiak." Our partnership goes far beyond joining forces with an established leader in food delivery service. We share a commitment to building a better food system for the future through regenerative practices that have been proven to mitigate climate change."

By purchasing Cooks Venture's chickens from FreshDirect, consumers are engaging with an agricultural ecosystem that has been tested to ensure it is affecting our environment in beneficial ways.

"Providing our customers with the very best food is what we're passionate about at FreshDirect. As part of that commitment, we're thrilled to partner with Cooks Venture to exclusively launch their pasture-raised, slow-growth, heirloom chickens," said David McInerney, CEO at FreshDirect. "We look for partners that care deeply about the food they produce and that's certainly the case with Cooks Venture, whose regenerative farming practices ensure great tasting chicken that you can feel good about feeding your family." 

Cooks Venture's chickens will be available at FreshDirect and FoodKick for $3.99/pound with rotisserie chickens coming soon to FreshDirect and FoodKick.    

For customers outside of the Northeast, Cooks Venture's presale continues through July with presale prices for two heirloom, slow-growing chickens (3-4 lbs) for $40.00, four for $70.00 and six for $90.00. The chickens will be shipped in curbside recyclable packaging with free shipping nationwide.

Source: Cooks Venture