Eriez ProGrade Tubes, Grates and Liquid Line Traps are now available with the new and improved Xtreme RE7 Rare Earth Tube Circuit, which proved to be 13 to 40 percent stronger than other magnets on the market today in head-to-head pull tests. Items offered through the ProGrade Program are economically-priced, in stock and ready for quick shipment. 

“Our recently-introduced RE7 Rare Earth Tube Circuit is the strongest technology available today, far surpassing competitive models in terms of pull testing, gauss rating or both,” says Eric Confer, Product Manager-Separation. “Greater separation efficiency directly and positively impacts product purity and plant productivity.”

Eriez ProGrade Xtreme Rare Earth magnetic separators remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination to ensure ultimate product purity and equipment protection. Eriez continues to offer ProGrade products in lower-powered models for customers with less stringent separation requirements.

Eriez designed its ProGrade line of magnetic separators for budget-conscious customers who need quick solutions to their toughest processing challenges. Confer says, “Like all items in our ProGrade line, Xtreme RE7 models offer unbeatable protection at rock-bottom prices.  Customers will be glad to learn that although the power is now amplified, the price remains the same as our previous Rare Earth products.” 

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