In an independent evaluation, the Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry (SSICA) recently recognized the Eagle FA3 machine for providing reliable contaminant detection of foreign bodies, accurate data for fat/lean ratios and reliable results with dynamic calibration for more precise product management. The Parma, Italy-based research foundation validated the FA3 series’ fat analysis capability and confirmed that the system is a key tool for tracking and controlling suppliers and, for processors, optimizing production costs.

In its findings, released this year, SSICA reported the accuracy of the FA3 machine to better than ± 1% of fat on meat samples and cited its repeatability in multiple readings of the same sample. The independent body concluded that this form of fat content analysis is a more accurate, objective method than traditional techniques and tools, including visual assessment, with the additional benefit of providing real-time information.

SSICA also noted the system’s advanced inspection capability. The evaluation found a high degree of sensitivity in the detection of foreign bodies, which were discoverable as little as 1 mm for metallic pieces and 3 mm for bone fragments.

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