Dynamic Systems Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer specializing in Traceability and Inventory Systems, announces a comprehensive upgrade to their SIMBA Logistics, the module that uses barcodes to manage inventory and shipping for their SIMBA Production, Traceability and Inventory System. Previously the logistics module used with SIMBA was a batch system, designed to collect data and upload it to the SIMBA Office module. This version works in real-time, increasing the speed of inventory management and shipping by communicating to the database immediately.

Increase productivity and speed: SIMBA Logistics, in the bi-directional real-time connection to the SIMBA Office database, can pull information from the database, including customer information, product and inventory, and sales orders. SIMBA tracks inventory moves, storage locations and shipping and has a feature to count inventory and print a discrepancy report. This improved communication will save the SIMBA users and administrators time, as errors will be caught immediately. The application is designed to reside on an Android mobile device.

Advanced features: New on the SIMBA Logistics mobile application is the ability to print labels on the fly when palletizing cartons or when a label has been damaged. It handles carton returns (unload and return to stock) on the fly. It can work in the warehouse, in coolers and freezers and on the loading dock, providing real-time inventory information.

Results: Key results from upgrading to the new SIMBA Logistics include increased productivity; the ability to get real-time, accurate inventory information on the fly; elimination of errors, mobile print capability and more. The application is included with the SIMBA Production and Traceability System, and is a free upgrade to any SIMBA owner with a current support contract.

For more information visit www.Dynamic-SystemsInc.com.