Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automated feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, has opened its new office building in Maldegem, Belgium. The sleek building will serve as the international headquarters of Roxell, one of the most important local employers.

Permanent workspace to facilitate dialogue, teamwork and well-being
Last week, 54 employees moved to their new workplace: a new office that was constructed over the past year on the site where, until May 2018, the old office building stood. Now there is a spacious, permanent workspace ready to house the employees. A survey showed that our employees desire a permanent space that provides structure and calm. The architects from AIKO created a modern work environment that needed to facilitate three key elements: dialogue, teamwork and well-being. The new office space is divided according to the type of work carried out. In other words, teams that often work together are seated close to one another. Roxell opted to use sound-absorbing materials that create good acoustics. Ergonomics was another central theme. There are standing desks in the offices and meeting rooms for quick, informal discussions and to provide variation in work posture. 

Room to grow
"Due to Roxell's growth in the recent years, we needed extra office space," says Gino Van Landuyt, Managing Director at Roxell. "We are the worldwide authority on livestock housing for poultry and pigs. R&D and innovation are key at our company. Our market is in full development and the demand for quality livestock housing equipment is growing worldwide. Animal welfare is also increasing in importance. Roxell offers the perfect solutions to all these challenges. We therefore want to face the future with ambition. I'm proud that Roxell will be tackling the next phases of its development from these new headquarters. The result is impressive. The extra floor gives us room to grow and the offices meet the needs of today's employees."

Huge evolution, both locally and internationally
Roxell was founded 52 years ago and has undergone a huge evolution since then, both locally and internationally. In recent years, Roxell invested heavily in the site at Maldegem. In 2011, an 800 m² logistics warehouse with larger loading and unloading zones was built. One year later, Roxell opened a new testing and development center (the Roxell Innovations Center). In 2011, Roxell began renting additional storage space in Adegem, which the company acquired shortly after. In Malaysia, a little further away from home, our Roxell colleagues moved into a new company building with a surface area of 6,400 m² in 2017. In the same year, Roxell expanded its factory in the US. The site was turned into a hub for the Americas.

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