The semi-automatic double-clippers DC 600 and DC 700 from Poly-clip System, Hattersheim, have everything you need for your day-to-day work in small-scale businesses. They can cope with your wide sausage product range and help you to produce it extremely efficiently – come and see for yourself!

Whether you are dealing with single portions, rings, long sausages or chains, the DC clipping machines are versatile, efficient and safe for all casings. They clip collagen and natural casings in calibres up to 50 mm. The DC 600 closes fibrous casings up to 60 mm calibre and plastic casings up to 90 mm, whilst the DC 700 closes collagen casings up to 60 mm calibre and plastic casings up to 115 mm. And thanks to the integrated cut-off knife they are also easy to divide. This machine, which works exclusively pneumatically, offers low air consumption at a high output rate combined with Poly-clip System’s guaranteed quality – and all at an attractive purchase price. In addition, the semi-automatics are characterized by their ease of operation. The few, clearly laid-out control elements and the ergonomic handle, which is adjustable in length to suit the individual operator, help to ensure this.

Flexibly upgradeable
The DC 600/700 will grow in line with your requirements. The double-clipper is available in three models: a machine with base plate but no filler connection, a table-top version and one on a height-adjustable trolley. In the latter case, the hygienic V-shaped trolley provides optimum positioning under the table and is consequently also suited to very confined production areas. And thanks to the height adjustment, connection to the filler can be carried out with a filling horn key in just a matter of seconds. Modular upgrading is possible with a manual or automatic looper, as well as with the pneumatic string dispenser for rings. Further optional modular add-ons include a pneumatically movable casing brake holder and a sausage tray.

Do you frequently process natural casings? If so, then the new casing loading unit will certainly be of interest to you. With the aid of the integrated motor, natural casings can be very easily and quickly pulled onto the filling tube. And so, production goes on – now that’s efficiency!

All-round hygiene
The most important concern for food processing companies is, and will continue to be, hygiene. And with the DC 600/700 you couldn’t ask for anything better: constructed entirely from stainless steel and high-quality industrial plastic, these models can be thoroughly and quickly cleaned. For improved drainage of water all surfaces, including on the trolley, are inclined. All parts are easily accessible. Even performing knife exchange is an absolutely simple matter. The product tray can be adjusted to the individual product for height and inclination without the use of tools and can also be removed without tools for cleaning.

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